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Book Review: Beyond Goodbye: An Extraordinary True Story Of A Shared Death Experience by Annie Cap

Annie Cap recounts her true story of her shared-death experience and how her life and beliefs have forever been changed. Read More »

Book Review: TurboCharged Recipes: Delicious Fuel For Your Fabulous Fat Burning Machine by Dian and Tom Griesel

This cookbook is filled with more than 300 easy and quick to prepare, nutritious recipes that will keep you lean and healthy. Read More »

Book Review: The Big Book Of Dan: Road Alligators And Other Incongruous Possibilities by Daniel C. Dulik

A collection of humorous short stories, poems, and essays examining life from Daniel Dulik's unique perspective. Read More »

Book Review: The Big Picture: Insights From The Spiritual World by Garry Gilfoy

Seven individual share afterlife and past life experiences, visits from angels and the role karma plays in all this. Read More »

Book Review: The TurboCharged Mind: Eliminate Bad Habits With Hypnosis by Dian Griesel, Ph.D, and Tom Griesel

How the power of self-hypnosis can positively influence and change your life mentally, physically and emotionally. Read More »

Book Review: Feel Younger Now!: You Can Do It! by Donald McGrath

Look better and feel younger by learning, practicing and adhering to these 7 daily habits. Read More »

Book Review: Ten: How Would You Rate Your Life? by Terry A. Smith

Learn what it takes to live your best life possible. Read More »

Book Review: Cancer: It’s A Good Thing I Got It! by David A. Koop

Can cancer ever be a good thing? David Koop shares how his diagnosis changed his life for the better. Read More »

Book Review: Carbavoid: The Fuel For The Future by Cindy Fleck Howlett

Obesity and type 2 diabetes result from repeated spikes in blood sugar. Discover what to eat to eliminate these conditions. Read More »

Book Review: Becoming The Happiest Human Being On The Planet: Living The Joy, Peace, Love And Freedom Driven Life by Thach JD Hoang

Learn how to live a happier, more joy-filled life no matter what your current circumstances. Read More »