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The Plight of Indigenous People

A look at the highs and lows of the indigenous people of the world. Read More »

The ICC Must Double Down on the Bemba Trial

A case study of what happens when a leader betrays his people, for the sake of selfish political gains. Read More »

Top Item for Your Santa Wish List: Donate to a Sustainable Food Program

This holiday season, consider supporting two organizations that help the poor through food. Read More »

Schwarzenneger, Terminate Kruzan’s Sentence

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger must show his commitment to troubled youth by pardoning the non-crime of Sara Kruzan. Read More »

Why Haiti Must Stay at the Forefront of Our Minds

As media coverage fades, the importance of our continued concern for Haiti's welfare is as important as ever. Read More »

When Outcry Isn’t Enough: Why the UN Must Stop Botswana

Is the boycott on Botswana enough to help the dying Kalahari? Read More »

It’s Time for the US to Leave the Dark Ages: The Case for ICC Participation

Why the US should ignore Bush's policy, and join the ICC instead of antagonizing them. Read More »

UN Report Documents the State of International Gender Equality

The UN World's Women report documents the state of gender equality world wide. Read More »

Botswana’s War Against Human Rights

The Kalahari are dying of thirst, for the sake of blood diamonds. Read More »

European Union Responds to French Ethnic Cleansing

The EU condemns France's deportation of 8,000 Roma based on ethnicity Read More »