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john mayer

Seven-time Grammy award winning singer/songwriter John Mayer has carved a niche for himself crafting earnest ballads in both the rock and pop genres. Mayer grew up in Connecticut but began his music career while living in Georgia and often references blues artists like B.B. King and Eric Clapton as influences on his evolving sound. Mayer's second album, 2002's Room For ... Read More »

Polls Versus Reality: Silent Racism DOES Exist And McCain’s Counting On It

Don't assume that a vote against Obama isn't racist... Read More »

Multi-Grammy Nominee, Producer Rick Rubin: Looks May Deceive

He may look homeless, BUT he is very homeful. Read More »

Joe Francis Hates His Penis, Do The Math

Applying the Olsen Law of Corollary Theorem ™. Read More »

While Paris Burns, Britney Churns

Britney is not Paris, and therefore she is not allowed to act like Paris. Paris is a ho and as such is allowed to revel in her ho-dom; Britney is a mother and better stop acting like a ho. Read More »

Paris Hilton: Celebrity Culture Superhero?

She can't be damaged and shamed, because she is so damaged and has no shame. Read More »

Lindsay Lohan Rehabs, Dirty Dealing, Tabloid Duplicity

Pimps, enablers, disingenuous leeches, and a screwed-up young woman. Read More »

Book Review: Genius Instruction Manual by the Writers of mental_floss

The splendiferous mental_floss magazine does books, too. Read More »

Celebutarts in Print: Britney Spears Rallies, Lindsay Lohan Tanks

Britney pulls back from the abyss with a savvy message on her website. Lindsay spams her email list with misspelled madness. Read More »

Paris Hilton and Britney Spears Create Two-Headed Monster, “Sparis”

Poptarts painting town nightly. Read More »