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President Bush: The New ‘Dark Lord’?

Well I heard the hype and saw the movie. Now it's time for me to weigh in on the "President Bush as Darth Vader" debate. Read More »

MSM Again Proves To Be An Easy Target

Blogs look good, not because they are necessarily so superb, but rather because the MSM is so bad! Read More »

The Reid That Broke The Camel’s Back?

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid loves to shoot from the lip... Or is someone else pulling the trigger? Read More »

The Mass Murder Movie Experience

How many humans can we can kill in a single movie? Read More »

The MSM Imitates The Blogosphere – Part Deux!

This time, it is Agence France-Presse, offering a negative spin on Iraq of course, which has a 'blog-esque' look and feel. Read More »

The Anti-First Amendment Movement

Secularist efforts to change the meaning of our First Amendment freedoms threaten all forms of free expression. Read More »

What’s My Age Again?

This morning, at 12:08am, I turned 40... What's my age again? Read More »

Diversity is A Republican Strength

Why is the Republican party thriving? Because we love a good argument. Read More »

A Roadmap for Renewing “Old Media”

Do print media moguls realize that the Internet-Blogosphere could herald a new golden age for their industry? Read More »

Accelerating The ‘Roe Effect’

There may actually be a silver lining to this whole "gay marriage" debate... Read More »