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Some Partisans Are Worse Than The Looters!

Some political partisans are worse than the looters. At least the scum in New Orleans didn't plan their actions in advance! Read More »

‘Consensus Science’? Please!!

What do you get when you mix science and philosophy? Phony concepts like "Consensus Science," of course. Read More »

Freda Sorce Dreamed of Her Death?

In a fascinating and startling article in The Washington Post, Don Geronimo tells of a letter left for him by Freda. Read More »

“Engineered” Evolution?

"Engineered" Evolution? Sounds more like "Intelligent Design" to me. Read More »

Are Liberal Bloggers Selling Out Or Just Desperate?

While President Bush announced John Roberts as his pick to replace O'Connor, liberal bloggers were unionizing. Read More »

The Stalking of Rove

The MSM's obsession with Rove continues and is actually quite fun to watch. Read More »

Tragedy Strikes The ‘Don & Mike Radio Show’

Freda Wright Sorce was killed in a tragic automobile accident on Sunday in the Ocean City, MD area. Read More »

London Gets 2012 Olympics

Three strikes and Paris is out! Read More »

The Main-Sleaze Media Strikes Again!

Ed Klein's new book, "The Truth About Hillary," feels more like porn than politics. Read More »

Don’t Let First Impressions Rule You

First impressions are important mainly because too many people put way too much faith in them. Read More »