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Senate Democrats Act In Desperation

Senate Democrats today have shown how desperate they are and how few ideas they have to offer. Read More »

Iraq: A ‘Quagmire’ For Osama?

Osama has been reacting defensively in recent days to accusations that he has created a "quagmire" in Iraq. Read More »

The Condi Photo Kerfuffle

Want to see how liberals in the media very literally "demon-eyes" conservatives? Just take a look at these Condi photos... Read More »

Media Continues ‘Plame-gate’ Drone

The media continues to drone on regarding the Plame investigation. I wonder if ordinary people care. Read More »

And The Band Drones On…

Please, please, PLEASE let Fitzpatrick release his findings! I want to watch liberals faces when nothing happens! Read More »


Liberals think the Mier's nomination controversy has resulted in a serious rift within the GOP. Wrong again. Read More »

What You Don’t Know About The Miers Nomination

There's a dirty little secret in this nomination. No, it's not THAT! It's the other thing! Read More »

I’m Sorry… Al Gore?

What do you know; it's a flash from the past who needs a flashback TO the past. Read More »

Blind-Sided, Part II: The Next Chief Justice

Liberal special interests and Democrats are about to experience "Blind-Sided, Part II." Read More »

Mandatory New Orleans Evac Order Came at President’s Request

Why did the Mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of LA suddenly order the mandatory evacuation of the city? The answer will surprise you. Read More »