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Nobel Peace Prize Winner: “I Would Love To Kill George Bush”

Nobel Laureate Betty Williams tells a group of young listeners that she would "love to kill George Bush." Read More »

Ann Coulter: The Feminist Ideal

Liberal feminists support "conditional equality," which excludes Ann Coulter. Do what they tell you, then you're equal. Read More »

Linda Hirshman’s Narrow Definition of “Work”

Is it really a mistake for women to choose to stay at home and rear children? Read More »

As Maryland Radically Liberalizes Voting Laws, Media Remains Silent

In Maryland, Democrats have made this state's laws the most liberal in the nation. Yet the MSM has nothing to say. Read More »

Mr. Mirengoff Goes To Washington

Powerline Blogger, Paul Mirengoff, manages to fluster, not one, but two Democratic Senators. It was fun to watch. Read More »

Newly Appointed Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Defends ‘The Little Guy’

And a "little gal" too (figuratively speaking)! Read More »

DNC Connections to Abramoff: Methinks Thou Dost Protest Too Much

Why is it that the mere suggestion that a democrat here and there might be tainted by Abramoff money sets of a firestorm of denial and vicious attacks? Read More »

Return of The McGovernites

Do DNC leaders care what Americans think? I have my doubts. Read More »

Perhaps We Should Re-occupy France?

The sudden fall of the USSR shocked the world; are we in for a similar shock with France? Read More »

What Was THAT All About?

Did DNC leaders fully consider the possible unintended effects of their "Rule 21" stunt? I have serious doubts. Read More »