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UK’s Guardian Ragazine Reporter “Jokes” On Possible Need For Bush Assassination

"John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley Jr - where are you now that we need you?" Charlie Brooker, Saturday October 23, 2004, "The Guardian Unlimited" Read More »

Ex-Pres Carter Thinks American Revolution Was “Unnecessary!”

Methinks the ex-President needs to get back on his meds! Read More »

Thugs for Kerry – Part Duex!

Angry rhetoric from the DNC has encouraged a wave of assaults and break-ins from Kerry supporters. Read More »

Edwards Takes A Beating in Debate

Edwards made a huge tactical mistake in last night's debate, he tried to put Cheney on trial. Read More »

The “Great on Paper President”

Senator Kerry is the "Great on Paper President!" Read More »

Kerry Calls $87 Billion Quote “Inarticulate”… Duhhhh!

Kerry rediscovers his anti-war roots and calls his vote against funding troops a "protest" vote. Read More »

The Rise of The Open Source Media (AKA, The Blogosphere)

There's a new form of media in town. It's powerful, interactive, and it is us; the Open Source Media, A.K.A, the Blogosphere! Read More »

Thugs For Kerry

What do Kerry supporters do for enjoyment? Apparently, they enjoy harassing three-year-olds. Read More »

To Media Elites, Facts Shouldn’t Stand In The Way

For Dan Rather, facts should never stand in the way of one's agenda. Read More »

CBS Witness Tells ABC News He Feels Misled

Retired Maj. General Hodges, Killian's supervisor at the Grd and one of the sources that CBS News claims helped them authenticate the documents is crying foul. Read More »