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Obama And The Art of Throwing Loved Ones Under A Bus

Good politicians will do anything to win. Senator Obama is no exception. Read More »

Yet Another Shake-up In Evolutionary Theory

Is evolution fact or a theory? Can it be both? Read More »

Movie Review: High School Musical 2 Tries Too Hard To Recapture The Magic

High School Musical 2 tries a bit too hard to capture the magic of the first movie. Read More »

Harry Potter Hacked?

Has the final book in the Harry Potter series, "The Deathly Hallows," been hacked? Read More »

One Christian’s Perspective on The Harry Potter Series

From a Christian perspective, does witchcraft in the storyline mean the Harry Potter series is off-limits? Read More »

Mercenary Media and the Hawthorne Effect

What's best for the media seems to be what is worst for society. Read More »

Free Speech For Me, Not For Thee

Free speech is freer for some than for others. Read More »

Steve Irwin Was The “Crocodile Champion”

Steve Irwin, "The Crocodile Champion," dies in a tragic accident. Read More »

Are Democrats Opposed to Democracy?

Are Democrats interested at all in the democratic process? Read More »

Why Lieberman Will Win

Candidate Lamont had his day in the sun. Now it's Senator Lieberman's turn. And Lieberman will win. Read More »