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WordWays gets loonier

WordWays, a journal of word patterns, is getting more peculiar as computers are put to work Read More »

Cowardly Lion King…The Musical!

Disney's Hamlet on Ice Read More »

Tey’s “Sing Sands” – Worse over time

This classic British mystery has not held up well Read More »

Comedy of Errors indoors

Lenox, MA, the Bard's summer home Read More »

Fahrenheit 9 out of 11

Arguments, images, manipulation, truth...go see it Read More »

Sopranos season finale spoiler

100% made-up. Hint: Bearburgers for dinner! Read More »

Top Ways the NBC Remake of the BBC’s “The Office” Will Get It Wrong

1. The office staff is racially balanced... Read More »

The Brave Money behind The LOTR

A toast to the money guys who bet on the director of "Meet the Feebles" Read More »

Return to Return of the King

Gollum for Best Supporting Actor Read More »

Sopranos Spoiler

How the series will end. May end. Could end. What the hell, I'm making it up. Read More »