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Bush (In 2004): “A Wiretap Requires A Court Order”

In 2004, Bush spoke of the need for a court order in order to wiretap alleged terrorists. Read More »

Robertson Calls Evolution A “Cultish Religion”

Don't be surprised if the televangelist soon predicts disaster will strike scientists who believe in evolution. Read More »

Conservatives Spin that Bush Circumvented FISA Because of Arduous Paperwork; Facts Suggest Otherwise

FISA warrants can be issued 72 hours after surveillance is completed. Read More »

In Light of Bush Surveillance Program Revelation, Did Gonzales Perjure Himself During Confirmation Hearings?

Check out what Gonzales said in response to questioning from Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI). Read More »

Cheney, In Nightline Interview, Misleads and Spins about Surveillance Act Rules

Bush's warrantless surveillance program didn't give the NSA new capability. It just circumvented the rules. Read More »

Simone Gives Listeners Latest “Facts” from Alternate Universe Of Conservative Talk Radio

Half-truths disguised as talking points. What else would you expect from conservative talk radio? Read More »

Journalists’ Credentials Pulled after Publishing War Photo of Bullet-Ridden Humvee

The Pentagon tightens restrictions on what photos embedded reporters can publish. Read More »

House Committee Chair Admits GOP Congress Not Sufficiently Investigating Bush Administration

The House Reform Committee issued 1,052 subpoenas against Democrats from 1997 to 2002, and three against Republicans in the years since. Read More »

Another Paid Conservative Propagandist?

The list grows longer ... Read More »

Congressional Research Service Disputes Bush Spin On Pre-War Intelligence

The nonpartisan agency agrees with a key Democratic talking point. Read More »