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Pentagon Shutting Down Some Blogs, Raising Red Flags Among Soldiers

Is the military protecting American soldiers, or needlessly censoring personal accounts of war? Read More »

Large Numbers Of Americans Remain Ignorant On Iraq, Al Qaeda And 9/11

A new poll finds a majority of Americans are wrong or confused about ties between Iraq, Al Qaeda and 9/11. Read More »

McCain Belief In “Intelligent Design” Evolving … Away From The Religious Right

McCain's view on "intelligent design" may reflect his need for an "election-ready position." Read More »

UMass 66, St. Peter’s 49 … And A New Tradition Begins?

My son has seen seven ball games in person, and the good guys have never lost. Coincidence? I think not. Read More »

Bush Administration Should Follow Lead of Iraqi Voters And Reject Chalabi

The administration has multiple excuses, most recently the poor polling last month of Chalabi's Iraqi National Congress. Read More »

Some In Media Didn’t Buy RNC Spin About Bush’s Domestic Surveillance Program

The RNC used sentence fragments to take presidential executive orders out of context. Thankfully, some people noticed. Read More »

Some Conservatives, While Discussing Bush’s Surveillance Program, Mentioning Dreaded “I” Word

As Bob Barr said: "For a member of Congress to say, oh, that doesn't matter ... is absolutely astounding." Read More »

White House Website Lists Bush’s 2005 “Accomplishments,” A Mix Of Empty Conservative Spin And A Padded Resume

The website page provides the quintessential guide to empty White House spin. Read More »

FISA Judges Want Answers On Bush’s Surveillance Program

One FISA judge said members could suggest disbanding the court, after Bush said he had the power to bypass it. Read More »

Documents, Interviews Suggest Pentagon Lying About Iraqi Propaganda

The documents and interviews (surprise, surprise) conflict with assertions by U.S. military officials. Read More »