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The Schiavo Autopsy Was Conclusive … Except For Those Who Prefer Conservative Media’s ‘Alternate Universe of Facts’

The results of Terri Schiavo's autopsy should end the unfounded claims by the "conservative media," right? Guess again. Read More »

Handful of Republican Senators Haven’t Co-Signed Resolution Apologizing For Past Failure To Pass Anti-Lynching Law

Why won't some Republicans co-sponsor a resolution that apologizes for past failures to pass anti-lynching laws? Read More »

To Push For Renewal Of The Patriot Act, Bush Spins Patriot Act Convictions

President Bush is implying the USA Patriot Act has led to 200 terrorism convictions. He's lying. Read More »

Matthews Offers Lame Defense for His Right-Tilting Panels: The Left “Don’t Want To Get Out There And Debate”

Chris Matthews' interview with Bill Moyers on June 10 was fascinating -- but for all the wrong reasons. Read More »