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Could The American League East See Four New Closers This Year?

Youngsters could take over the closer roles for Boston, Baltimore, and Tampa Bay this year. Read More »

Justice Department Offers Official Talking Points On Warrantless Domestic Spying Program

Essentially, the administration's talking point is: our leap of logic was upheld before, so why not trust us this time? Read More »

On The Radio, A Celebration Of Bush And Anti-Intellectualism

Doing poorly in school? Look stupid? Don't worry, suggests a popular conservative talk radio host. Read More »

Has Gilmore Girls Jumped The Shark?

When a show tries to be quirky, things can go downhill fast. Read More »

Gonzales Provides ‘Defense’ Of Domestic Spying Program To CNN

A stronger argument would be that post-9/11, Bush needed extraordinary surveillance powers. Instead, we get misrepresentations of fact. Read More »

Pentagon Conducting Two-Pronged Blog Attack To Spread “Good News” About Iraq

"Good news" about Iraq, coming soon to a blog near you. Read More »

Trent Lott Appears Poised To Make A Run For Senate Majority Leader

Lott has successfully resurrected himself as a Republican outsider... and media darling. Read More »

Gonzales To Testify About Bush’s Warrantless Domestic Spying Program

Senators from both parties are hoping Gonzales can explain the legal justification for Bush's illegal program. Read More »

Savage, Limbaugh Use “Theater Of The Absurd” To Rant Against Liberals

Let's hope the 22 million people who listen to Savage or Limbaugh know better. Read More »

Hannity, During Testy Radio Interview, Implies Bremer Is Disloyal To Bush Administration

In Hannity's world, there's nothing worse than a fellow Republican dissing (or dissenting from) the Bush Administration. Read More »