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“Compassionate Conservatives” Target Budget Cuts That Would Hurt The Poor

Of course, conservative Republicans won't touch welfare and other programs that benefit corporations. Read More »

Bush Exhausts “Political Capital” – Time For Democrats To Speak Out

After Katrina, Miers and Plame-Gate, the rules have changed. Read More »

Miers Withdraws Supreme Court Nomination

Miers is one of only a handful of nominees in the history of the court to resign. Read More »

Brown Resigned Last Month In Disgrace. So Why Does Chertoff Keep Paying Him?

Brown continues to collect his $148,000 salary, more than a month after resigning. Read More »

Daily Show Slams Cosby’s Soft Interview With DeLay

Cosby's interview style is far from "fair and balanced." Read More »

Democrats Question State Department Nominee’s (Lack of) Experience

The refugee bureau has not been a spot for political appointments ... until now. Read More »

A Conservative Icon Says “The Days Of The Blank Check Have Ended.” Now What?

David Keene voiced something that maybe a lot of Republicans have privately been feeling. Read More »

Senate Commerce Committee Backs Legislation To End Undocumented Propaganda

The legislation is moving on the heels of a GAO ruling that the Bush Administration practiced "covert propaganda." Read More »

Fitzgerald Apparently Ready To Indict Rove, Libby, Hadley

Fitzgerald is expected to announce indictments by Oct. 28. Read More »

Chertoff Admits FEMA, Not State And Local Officials, To Blame For Weak Response To Katrina

You, too, can compare Chertoff's admission today with the administration's spin efforts last month. Read More »