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DVD Review: Loose Change Second Edition

This film, as anything that criticizes the actions of the government following the 9/11 attacks, is harshly criticized itself. Read More »

Uwe Boll Is Fightin’ Mad… Literally!

The bottomless pit of creative suck wants to punch you, the critic, in the head. Read More »

TV Review: Hell’s Kitchen

Raggy girly hair, Muppets, and wet, really. Read More »

Geek News Flash: News Transformers Movie Poster and Website Launched

Let the droolish anticipation begin. Read More »

Al-Zarqawi, Dead Terrorist Or Ace Up A Sleeve?

Al-Zarqawi, a tool of the Bush administration? Read More »

Book Review: Sci-Phi – Philosophy from Socrates to Schwarzenegger by Mark Rowlands

Sci-phi is a new branch of philosophy that explores the philosophy in science fiction. Read More »

Jeliel³ Does a Gypsyman: I Am Now Me

So please allow me to introduce myself. Read More »

PS2 Review: Tomb Raider – Legend

It took them six sequels to get it right, but this is the best chapter of the series. Read More »

DVD Review : Soldiers in the Army of God

This was another one of HBO’s no-holds-barred, gritty, high-quality documentaries on touchy subjects. Read More »

Movie Review: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

This movie has all the obligatory and ubiquitous parameters all Japanese anime must have Read More »