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Movie Review: 300

It is, succinctly put, a bloody fantastic work of art. Read More »

Movie Review: Jesus Camp

This is the neo-conservative/evangelical version of the Hitler-Jugend. Read More »

Movie Review: F**k

It could have been so much more. More intelligent, more in-depth, more penetrating, more stimulating. This bird just doesn't fly. Read More »

Movie Review: An Inconvenient Truth

Despite being a PowerPoint presentation the producers and the director manage to make it into a completely engrossing and captivating presentation. Read More »

TV Review: Heroes – “Fallout”

This week’s episode directed by John Badham was… wait! John who? Read More »

TV Review: 30 Days – “Jail”

For the final segment of this season, Spurlock took it upon himself to live for 30 days as an inmate in a jail. Read More »

TV Review: Battlestar Galactica “A Measure of Salvation”

Battlestar Galactica is definitely back to form. This week’s episodes, “A Measure of Salvation” proves it. Read More »

Movie Review: Babel

Luminous story, exhaustive execution, surreal music and images, lessons to learn and great acting. Read More »

TV Review: Battlestar Galactica “Torn”

In episode 6, Battlestar Galactica is booted up, scripts have been run and the previously good version has been restored. Read More »

TV Review: Lost -“The Cost of Living”

Time to drink some Dharma Energy drinks and get things moving again. Lost 2.0, the sucker. Read More »