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A MLK Day Reminiscence

I just came to the dismaying realization that 1968 was one hell of a long time ago. In thinking about Martin Luther King, Jr. and his day and his legacy, the thing which stuck in my mind wasn’t a memory of the day he died or of any of his speeches, but a personal memory associated with his death. I ... Read More »

Because I’m an American…

I go to the Gun Show - the heart of the American entrepreneurial frontier and one true temple of freedom. Read More »

How the US Caused the Tsunami

Learn the 'truth' of how the US uses the forces of nature to kill innocent moslems with deadly Tsunami power. Read More »

Here are the Enemies of Your Children

Do teachers unions want to make sure that inner city ethnic students remain in an educational ghetto forever? Read More »

Civilian Deaths in Iraq: Bad Methodology on Parade

How many civilians have really died in Iraq and whose numbers should you believe? Read More »

What is a Living Wage?

Once we scrimped and saved to earn success. Now we want government to hand us an instant career. Read More »

Life Expectancy

In his latest novel, Life Expectancy, Dean Koontz once again defies the notion that he is a horror writer and strikes out into truly fantastical territory which reads more like violent surrealist humor than what anyone would traditionally think of as horror. Koontz has always been hard to define, and hasn’t received the critical regard he deserves. From early in ... Read More »

Argentine Ants Must DIE!

Argentine Ants are taking over the world! Dave Nalle is leading the fightback!! Read More »

Are There No Workhouses?

Were workhouses bad? Read More »

My Daughter’s iPod

Just a quick observation or two before heading off into the realm of present opening and too much food. Plus, we’re about due for a departure from politics and where better to go than consumer advice at this time of the year. The big excitement for everyone this holiday season and certainly the hottest gift is the Apple iPod. And ... Read More »