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NTSB Cell Phone Ban Fails Logical Test

This nation faces many serious problems. Using your cell phone while driving is just not one of them. Read More »

Cain Withdrawal Offers Hope for a Better GOP Field

Paul, Huntsman and Johnson represent a brighter future for the GOP and it's time for their star to rise. Read More »

Defense Bill Includes Authorization for Indefinite Detention of US Citizens

A section of the Defense appropriations act could make it possible for US Citizens to be detained indefinitely by the military. Read More »

Can Ron Paul Seize the Moment and Reframe his Foreign Policy Message?

I can't explain why Ron Paul hasn't been able to present his foreign policy ideas successfully, but here are some ways he could. Read More »

House and Senate Launch New Assault on Internet Freedom

Legislators have launched a new and even more dangerous assault on liberty on the internet with two acts which will stifle free speech and chill innovation. Read More »

The RNC Should Stand Up for Fair Debates

With the media and state parties picking and choosing who can participate in the debates, Republcan voters deserve a fair look at the candidates Read More »

Demographic Trends in the Republican Party

How radically will the Republican Party change because of aging membership in the next two decades? Read More »

Extrajudicial Execution is a Threat to the Rights of Every Citizen

Do you want our government to condemn citizens to death in secret and then execute them without a trial or even an arrest warrant? Read More »

Florida Presidential Debate – Live Chat Event on September 22nd at 9pm EST

Sunny Florida hosts the latest Republican debate, now featuring 9 candidates including a healthy dose of Gary Johnson. Join us on Thursday. Read More »

Something Rotten at the CNN Debate

When we let the media pick our candidates we might as well just give them control of our government. Read More »