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Why Can’t Eric Holder Answer a Simple Question?

What is so difficult about giving honest answers about the administration's plans to try terrorists? Read More »

KSM and the Boys are Criminals, Not Combatants

Sentiment and the desire for revenge should never be allowed to override fact when it comes to the law. Read More »

South Carolina Says “Enough” to Lindsey Graham

Lindsay Graham and the big-government Republicans may not have much of a political future. Read More »

Kelo Folly Ends in Irony

An empty lot now stands as a monument to the folly of state-corporatism. Read More »

Stupak Amendment Shows Folly of Single Issue Politics

You can't trust single issue voters and in the end they are just more enemies of liberty. Read More »

The Myth of Republican Uniformity

Is the Republican Party of today the party of the Bush era and was it ever the monolithic party some believe? Read More »

The Election in Brief: Victories for Liberty

Around the nation, fiscal conservatism and individual liberty seemed to be the rule for the off-year elections. Read More »

Scozzafava Endorses Owens

Scozzafava's endorsement of Democrat Bill Owens may not be enough to overcome Hoffman's momentum. Read More »

Scozzafava Drops Out in NY-23 Race

Scozzafava withdraws, leaving Hoffman the favorite in New York's 23rd district special election. Read More »

White House Visitors Log Shows Where Influence Lies

A look at who is visiting the President and how often tells a lot about where his real loyalties lie. Read More »