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A Letter to Delegates in Tampa

Changes in party rules in Tampa may end the GOP as we know it. Read More »

Paul Ryan, the Establishment’s Idea of a Radical

Paul Ryan is like the pair of used socks your senile granny gave you at Christmas... Read More »

Playing Politics with the “Malefactors of Great Wealth”

Money knows no ideology but it does pay out for results. Read More »

Texas Republicans Stumble Into a Better Platform

The new Texas Republican platform is a big step forward and offers ideas the national party should pick up on. Read More »

A Letter to the Republican Party of Texas Platform Committee

A late appeal to the Platform Committee at the Texas GOP convention to fix the platform. Read More »

Anatomy of a Smear: Heidi Cruz and the “North American Union”

How gullible does David Dewhurst think Texas voters are? His bogus smear campaigns ought to backfire if voters are at all smart. Read More »

Platform Process is a Test for Texas Republicans

Will the Texas GOP platform continue to represent the clamoring voices of extremism and factionalism which are tearing the party apart? Read More »

Review: Hide Me Among the Graves by Tim Powers

With a boost from his Pirates of the Caribbean association this novel may be what Tim Powers needs to reach a larger audience. Read More »

Don’t Buy Into the Establishment’s “Inevitability Strategy”

Is it all over but the weeping, or are the barbarians at the gates of the GOP on to something? Read More »

Super Tuesday Live Chat Event

Live chat with politicos, pundits and pinheads discussing the election returns tonight. Read More »