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WikiLeaks Revelations Not Really All That Shocking

Diplomatic leaks less shocking and more predictable than expected. Read More »

Another Reminder that the Extremist Fringe is Not Libertarian or Constitutionalist

Birchers and Infowarriors may be many things, but libertarians or constitutionalists they aren't Read More »

Will the TSA Crash the Security State?

The values which define America are incompatible with the dictates of a security state. Read More »

What Are Democrats Trying to Hide at the Polls in Texas?

In Texas tensions are high at the polls as poll watchers and activists trade accusations. Read More »

Demonizing Bloggers is Not a Great Campaign Strategy

Spending thousands to advertise your opponent's blog is not the best campaign plan. Read More »

Political Signs: the Bold and the Baffling

Campaign signs should be clear enough Read More »

Can John Dennis Win?

John Dennis may not win the battle for votes in San Francisco, but he's helping win the war for liberty. Read More »

The Eric Cantor Effect: Halfway There

Eric Cantor sees which way the wind is blowing and others will follow. Read More »

42 Senators Weigh in on the Wrong Side in Snyder vs. Phelps

Free speech is more important than the pandering of opportunistic Senators. Read More »

Daniel Martin Diaz and the Lowbrow Tarot Project

Interesting artists featured in an inventive group exhibit project. Read More »