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SOTU: Will Obama Take Responsibility for Drone War Outrage?

What the president wants to talk about tonight is a far cry from the real dangers to this nation which he should face up to. Read More »

Interview: Mark Willis, Candidate for Republican Party Chairman

A lone challenger has stepped into the pit of vipers, willing to challenge the establishment for leadership of the GOP. Read More »

In Mass Shootings Does Government Provide the Trigger?

We're blaming all the wrong people when we should be blaming government. Read More »

Mike Lee Passes Amendment to Protect Civil Liberties in NDAA

It's not perfect, but the Senate has finally listened to the people and protected civil liberties in the NDAA Read More »

Change is Coming to the GOP

Observations on the election from the liberty wing of the party. Read More »

Russell Means Has Left Us to Fight on for Ourselves

Russell Means was an inspiration to all people who yearn to be free. Read More »

Desktop Publishing Options on a Budget

Some reasonably priced options for graphic design for Mac users. Read More »

Gambling Issue a Target of Disinformation in Texas

Some activists who once believed in electoral choice seem to have a very skewed view on the gambling issue. Read More »

Grassroots Republicans Call for Opposition to Party Rule Changes

Is the Republican Party no longer a party of the people, by the people and for the people? Read More »

Federal Court Blocks Indefinite Military Detention in the NDAA

If they had any shame, after reading the ruling against indefinite military detention in the NDAA, legislators who voted for the bill would resign. Read More »