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Review: Notes on a Scandal by Zoe Heller

Just finished reading Zoe Heller’s Notes on a Scandal (also known as What Was She Thinking in the US), which I picked up because, I admit, the blurb featured some hyperbolic praise comparing the work to that of Amis or McEwan and the first chapter was compelling. The book was, it turns out, nominated for a Booker the year Vernon ... Read More »

Review: Novo

Novo tells a story that is part Memento, part 50 First Dates (although this French film, a 2002 product, predates the latter tale): the lead character, Graham (Eduardo Noriega) suffers from short term memory loss thanks to an accident. This being a French film, the memory loss leads to him being kept as a sexual plaything for his boss, Sabine ... Read More »

On the Road – the Film?

So according to the Hollywood Reporter, they’re making a film version of On the Road, the classic Jack Kerouac novel, directed by Walter Salles (The Motorcycle Diaries). I guess, thinking about it, the Motorcycle Diaries does parallel On the Road in that it tells the story through the eyes of someone in thrall to a much more charismatic real-life character ... Read More »

Summer Lawns – First We Waited Then It Started

Brooklyn band Summer Lawns’ debut album, First We Waited… Then It Started (Stunning Models On Display/Isidore), is shimmeringly arranged, the natural product of a band that was conceived as a sort of rock chamber music quartet (as their bio puts it) and even features a cellist. Fortunately, despite a description that almost leads one to fear pretentious wankery, the layered ... Read More »

Baseball, softball no longer in Olympics

Sadly, baseball and softball have been removed from the Olympics: SINGAPORE — Baseball and softball were tossed out of the Olympic program for the 2012 London Games — the first sports cut from the Summer Games in 69 years. The International Olympic Committee then rejected the five sports wanting to get in. I understand cutting sports for other sports. I ... Read More »

A Tale of a Naughty Girl (Mondo Meyer Upakhyan)

A Tale of a Naughty Girl is director Buddhadeb Dasgupta’s work about Lati, a prostitute’s daughter who wants to be a student but whose mother Rajani wants to marry her off. So the film sets up a predictable tension between the life of the mind and the reality of the body in a small Indian village. The impression I got ... Read More »

Blogging etiquette

Since people like to talk about blogging responsibly, here’s my easy guide for n00bies on blogging etiquette: Always bow before you blog. When you blog, do remember that the knife goes in the right hand, and the fork in the left. Always end your posts with “thank you, it’s been wonderful talking to all of you. Godspeed.” Polite bloggers NEVER ... Read More »

Splendid Float

Splendid Float, Zero Chou’s first film, depicts the life of a group of Taiwanese tranvestites in a travelling cabaret show. Roy (James Chen), dances and sings in drag (as “Rose”) in the show at night, while spending his day as a Taoist priest conducting funeral rites. It’s a clear dichotomy: his vie en Rose is filled with energy, while his ... Read More »


Six Apart, after introducing Friendster blogs, now introduces MLBlogs, a tool for blogging about MLB. OmMalik – who had the scoop on MLBlogs.com being registered – sounds happy, BusinessLogs is not impressed. While MLB’s benefit is clear (revenue stream, developing a community), Six Apart also seems to benefit from the co-branding – now they’re not just a generalist host like ... Read More »

The Far Side of the Moon (La face cachée de la lune)

The Far Side of the Moon, Robert Lepage’s adaptation of his own play, is a beautiful, quirky meditation on a pair of brothers in Quebec coping with the death of their mother from kidney disease. Reflecting the title, Lepage plays both lead roles: Phillippe, a grad student of the philosophy of science, and his brother Andre, a glib weatherman. The ... Read More »