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Culture Club: Most Underrated Musical Act Ever

Culture Club may be the most underrated band in the history of music, but they are certainly one of the most enjoyable and influential. Read More »

Don’t Let Your GPS Murder You

To some, a GPS navigation system can be a blessing. However, if one used a GPS without common sense, it could be a nightmare waiting to happen. Read More »

1993: The Year of Popular Music In Review

1993 was a dull year when compared to the rest of decade. However, there were still some memorable hits. Read More »

1992: Year of Music in Review

1992 brought about many changes in the music world. Read More »

The Haunting Effects Of Witnessing A Suicide

When someone takes their life, it's only natural to grieve and ask questions about why it happened. Read More »

iHype Part V: Three Weeks Later

Three weeks of iPhone usage reveals major weaknesses. Read More »

1991: Year of Music in Review

1991 was a groundbreaking year in the music world. Read More »

iHype Part IV – The iPhone Review

The iPhone is a major technological innovation that will only alienate a small minority of smartphone users in its first generation release. Read More »

iHype Part III: One Day Left!

Only one more day till the release of the iPhone! Read More »

iHype Part II: AT&T Reveals iPlans

People who like high speed wireless Internet and QUERTY thumboards may want to take caution before investing in the iPhone. Read More »