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Professional Wrestling: Quite A Corrupt Business

Professional wrestling used to be an adoring sport with extravagance and high impact theatrics. Man, have times changed. Read More »

WWE Raw Legends Night Lacking in Star Power

WWE's Monday Night Raw legends event was a let down of epic proportions. Read More »

A Degree? Really? America Isn’t So Free After All!

Education is overrated. Read More »

Praying During a Baseball Game? Give Me a Break!

Baseball is a pure talent-based sport, all luck and no gods above helping out. Read More »

Major League Baseball Playoffs: A Change Has To Come

Major League Baseball needs changes to the postseason to make it longer and make the games more relevant. Read More »

Trick Or Treating, the Appeal Is Intriguing

Halloween is a great holiday, but we all know children do not really like it. Read More »

Survivor: Best and Worst Seasons of the Show

The best and worst seasons of the long running popular reality show series. Opining what the most entertaining and least entertaining seasons were. Read More »

Survivor Nicaragua: A Portrait of Epic Stupidity and A Disgrace to Chess Itself

Matthew "Sash" Lenahan goes down as one of the best players in Survivor history outsmarting Marty. Read More »

Gavin Newsom: The Epitome of What Every Man Should Aspire To Be

Tall, sophisticated, left wing politician fighting for gay rights, business, and Jerry Brown campaigning Read More »