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From The World of Comics: Why I Hate Gail Simone!

How I could possibly hate one of the nicest comics writers on the planet? Read More »

Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest

I sincerely hope Gore Verbinski's career doesn't end up swinging from the yardarm of what has become his Pirates Trilogy. Read More »

Graphic Novel Review: The Crow

You snap awake and the room that should be familiar is strange and you're unsure of yourself, shrouded in twilight memory, slipping into blackness. Read More »

Comic Review: The Metabarons, Volumes 1 and 2

Now, I understand the beauty and complexity that can come from someone not working within the confines of my homeland. Read More »

Comic Review: Raven’s Children: Shadow of the Snow Fox

A sprawling, historical epic with occasional bits of fantasy and science fiction thrown in for good measure. Read More »

Book Review: Where’s It At Sugar Kat? The Thin Of The Land by Ian Carney and Woodrow Phoenix

Pushy retail clerks, the Kat sisters, and the care and feeding of your local guernsey. Read More »

Comic Review: Riding The Stars With The Little White Mouse

Check out Paul Sizer's masterpiece. It's one of the best comics you're not reading, and Dan Traeger can help you rectify the situation. Read More »