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Satire: All Conservative Media Must GO!

Honoring all true patriots, as they go boldly forth to silence evil voices. Read More »

President Obama’s Cairo Speech: A Worthwhile Effort or an Exercise in Narcissism?

President Obama's Cairo speech was full of sound and peacefulness, but signified little. Read More »

¡Viva el Presidente Chávez! Part II

Venezuela may be trying to show the way to the United States. Read More »

¡Viva El Presidente Chávez! Part I

El Presidente Chávez of Venezuela is clearly a shining example. Read More »

The California Supreme Court Properly Decided the Case Involving Homosexual Marriage

The recent California Decision on homosexual marriage has little to do with homosexual marriage. Read More »

Further Reflections on the Nomination of Judge Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court

Two Second Circuit decisions recently noted in blogs do not suggest that Judge Sotomajor should not be confirmed. Read More »

The Envelope, Please…The Supreme Court Nominee is…Good Grief!

Judge Sotomayor appears to be a viable nominee to the Supreme Court. Read More »

Should Appointment to the Supreme Court Hinge on Empathy?

Experience as a competent appellate court judge should trump all else in the selection of a Supreme Court justice. Read More »

Excessive Pride Goes Before a Fall

To proclaim moral superiority when the consequence is suicide is not very clever. Read More »

Legal Analysis Should Not be a Partisan Plaything.

Partisan gamesmanship can easily backfire. That is likely to happen in the highly emotional "torture" debates. Read More »