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C’est Si Bon: Eartha Kitt Turns 80

Eartha is the purrrfect name for a woman whose nature is as rich, grounded, and sensual as the earth itself. Read More »

Gumbo Ya-Ya: The Essence of Louisiana Cooking

It takes more than few crustaceans and mollusks to make a good pot of gumbo. Read More »

A Soft Heart

From animal shelters to hospices, most not-for-profits can't survive without a helping hand that extends further than a wallet. Read More »

Caffeinate Me: An Ode to the Darker Persuasion

I woke up this morning with what felt like a hangover, only I hadn't been drinking any alcohol, just water and tea. But no coffee! Read More »

Sacred Women: A Literary Guide

A guide to tapping into the Sacredness inside every woman. Read More »

Paper, Pencils and Planbooks

The first six weeks of school should be spent establishing routines and consistently enforcing the rules. Read More »

Entertain the Peoplez: Kindred The Family Soul in Harlem

Kindred The Family Soul is a refreshing change of pace from the meager offerings presently on commercial radio Read More »

A taxing time of the year

As usual I have waited until the final hour to do my taxes. I don't know why I always procrastinate. Read More »

Banana Bread

I used this recipe to make Banana Bread. I substituted the nuts for unsalted sunflower seeds. Read More »

A Sense of Contentment

I am listening to Seal serenade me on his Best of 1991-2004. I really like the acoustic version! I am feeling relatively at peace. Read More »