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Protestors Kind of Motivated to Protest

"The almost fight" and "Maybe you should listen..." among others , have been considered. Read More »

Crazy Neighbor Song

I have a crazy man living below my apartment. I wrote a song about it. Read More »

Hackers (1995), The Crushkill Cut

We all hated Zero Cool and his pompous attitude; his "Hollywoodized" explanations of hacking 3D GUI Unix Servers, and his eventual match with Jolie Read More »

Canadian PM photoshopped in Blair’s G8 conference photo

You may notice Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, who was photoshopped into the "Conference of Vigilance" (G8) picture. Read More »

Picard Vs. Riker : Electronic Battle

In the interest of pure nostalgia, indie electronic music label Here’s My Card Records has released a 5 minute business card cd featuring Captain Picard and Commander Riker-inspired electronic music (second from the top). Inspired by such artists as Dark Materia, fellow HMCR artists Crushkill and Skeeter hoped to re-kindle interest in the Star Trek franchise. You can download 96kbps ... Read More »

The Adverse Effects of McDonald’s Breath on Children

"Maybe I'll have sex under my seat in class!", he giggled to himself with glee, on his way to his first class: PHL055 - "Introduction to Philosophy and Down Syndrome McDonalds Breath". Read More »

Musky Man Sneers Malevolently While Muttering Moronically

Dave slowly turned around to face whoever it was calling him. As his body gradually turned around, the musky fog enveloped his body as it rotated, crawling over his shoulders and eventually slithering downward into the clutches of gravity. Read More »

Random Hugs Overwhelm 100 In Iraq

"Before I was sad, now I'm pretty reverse sad", exclaimed a local Iraqi merchant who refused to give his name. Read More »

Rebel Terrorist Cult Leader Dies From Lack Of Happiness

Recently , when we were planning our latest string of terrorist bombings aimed at destabalizing the Philippine government , Salamat seemed distant , as if he was occupied by something. Read More »

Teenager Rejects Societal Obligations to Not Act Like a Baby

Todd Fischer broke up with his girlfriend last Thursday. Correction: His girlfriend broke up with him. Read More »