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According to CNN dolphins have been found using tools: Read More »

Hot Lebanese Chicks for Freedom

Rather than spend time debating the level of credit Bush should get or the potential impact of Hezbollah siding with Syrian we here are going to spend some time on the real issue: Those Lebanese protesters are hot Read More »

Hunter S Thompson

My tribute to Thompson is this: Because I read Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail, I will never Read More »

What are We Fighting For?

In this week's Time Charles Krauthammer, the Neo-Con I love to hate, does his best to hype the Iraqi elections. Read More »

Freedom, Dictators and Kings

Is freedom on the march? What about the rest of the world? The King of Nepal is making a grab for power. Read More »

Calling Fouls

Back in my high school basketball days one of the teams would foul on ever play. Read More »

Iraq Election Countdown

One week to the Iraqi election, and boy are we excited. Only a few lingering questions remain: Read More »

Entertainment Report

Elektra is not a good movie. It is very beautiful on several levels not the least of which is Jennifer Garner (Hubba, Hubba, Hubba) Read More »

Blogs and The West Wing

West Wing has bounced back from last season, where it was in real danger of becoming not good. Read More »