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Movie Review: The Dark Knight Is Very Good, Not Perfect

The Dark Knight was very good, but I think it could have been perfect. Read More »

In Defense of the NBA Suspending Darius Songaila

The NBA had every right to suspend him for his hit on LeBron James. Read More »

What About Dwyane Wade?

Shaq is gone. So what does that mean for Dwyane Wade? Read More »

Bitterness Sets in for Browns Fans

The Browns earned everything they got. The Titans did not. Read More »

Seth Rogen Brings Real Heat to Kevin Smith Flick

Kevin Smith's directing career could propel even further uphill with Seth Rogen. Read More »

Randy Moss Proves Critics Right

Randy Moss' monster season serves as his own indictment. Read More »

Browns Cancel My Zen-like Moment

I had resigned myself to defeat as the Browns snapped me out of it. Read More »

The Most Ingenious Way to Fix College Football

College football is broken but they have no incentive to fix it. Until now! Read More »

Cavaliers Fans Have Had It With Hughes

Even the most loyal Cleveland fans have given up on Hughes. Read More »

Why Doesn’t CBS Have All NFL Games in HDTV?

With the pervasiveness of HDTV, why doesn't the nation's most popular sport still doesn't show all its games in HD? Read More »