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Happiness 101 Now Taught in Colleges and Graduate Schools Around U.S.

Despite all our stuff, we're no happier; and probably less happy. It’s now something we need to teach because we're losing the skill. Read More »

The Ancient Art of Complication

Do you ever marvel at some people's uncanny ability to make the simple so complex? The straight forward, anything but? Read More »

The Road to Self-Help: Freak University (Part One)

It's 7:45 on Saturday morning and I am doing my best to stay in my current state of being -- unconscious, hung-over, stationary, comfortable, horizontal. Read More »

Wasting Time at the Gym

Creating your best body needs to be a strategic, intelligent process. It simply means train smart. Read More »

Celebrate the Weirdo

For much of my life, I have felt like a weirdo. There. I said it. Read More »

The Parable of the Fat Kid

Once upon a time there was a kid. A kid who loved to eat. Not unlike many kids, really. Read More »

Living the Dream – or the Nightmare

His career, finances, relationships, education, attitude, and goals were all like the pond at the end of his street -- stagnant. Read More »

Beware the Dream Squasher

Dream Squashers work under numerous pseudonyms... Read More »

Sitting at Life’s Train Station

You've been given a magic ticket. Your magic ticket will take you to the place of your dreams. Read More »

Time Efficient Personal Development

Your child is not big-boned -- he actually comes under the clinical classification of... really fat!" Read More »