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Sam Cooke – Night Beat

Howdy. Welcome to “Blue Monday.” This is the first entry in a new weekly series on BC. I’ll be spotlighting esoteric, overlooked and classic R&B, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, Gospel & Reggae artists, musicians, producers and recordings. Some of the artistes that I’ll be discussing are world renowned, others, shadowy obscure figures lost in a musical netherworld. All are deserving ... Read More »

Rancho Texicano: Very Best Of Z.Z. Top

Of course a party isn't a party isn't a party without giving the JBL's a workout by cranking up some of this... Read More »

Just Another Saturday Night

What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas right??? Well, that ain't necessarily so... But we can keep a secret just between US right??? Read More »

Door To Door Maniac

It could be your street ... Your house ... Your life! When the doorbell rings ... Don't answer! ... It could be the DOOR TO DOOR MANIAC!!! Read More »

“The Killer Speaks His Mind”: The Wit & Wisdom Of Jerry Lee Lewis

"I am right. I am always right. ONCE I thought I was wrong, but I checked it out. I was right... Read More »

Lost Legends Of Rhythm & Blues: Barbara Lynn

Of all the left-handed guitar playing, R & B singing women plying their trade along the Gulf Coast of TX & LA way back in the early 60's Barbara Lynn is the greatest in my book. She may also be the only one... Read More »

Red Trousers: The Life Of The Hong Kong Stuntman

"There's very little chance I could die... but there's about an 80% chance that I'll wind up going to the hospital" Read More »

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie

America's favorite talking sponge and his fellow denizens of the deep are on their way to theatres near you... Read More »

837 Hasil Adkins Fans Can’t Be Wrong

"This is what Rockabilly might've been if Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis were siamese twins separated at birth by Dr. Mabuse..." Read More »

The 10 Most Influential Guitarists Of All Time Pt.1

There have been hundreds upon hundreds of entries lately about everyone’s favorite guitarists. This is great. But, taste IS relative and arguing on ad nauseum about whether one player is better than another or whether some one should or shouldn’t have been listed in some inane magazines Top 100 list gets really old fast. There are guitarists who have exercised ... Read More »