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My Friend Stan

The war came home big time today. Up until now I hadn't been directly affected by the war in Iraq. Not until I saw the news night before last that is... Read More »

Earl Hooker – A Guitar Player’s Guitarist

There are many great guitar players in the Blues Genre. Some well known, some underrated (Son Seals, Jimmy Dawkins), some overrated (Buddy Guy, B.B. King) and others (Bee Houston, Left Hand Frank, Guitar Gable) who are nothing more than footnotes to even the most dedicated collectors of blues obscurities. Then there are the guitar players guitarists. The mention of whose ... Read More »

I Was A Punk Before You Were A Punk Pt. 1

A long time ago, back before The Ramones could count to 4, before the Black Flag so proudly waved, before The Clash had enough rope, before X marked the spot and before the Sex Pistols backfired punk was knocking at the door. Now in 2005 “Punk” is just another genre in your local music emporium. A product to be bought ... Read More »

The 10 Greatest Chuck Berry Songs Chuck Berry Never Wrote

I’m not sure why I would write this. I haven’t intentionally listened to any Berry Chucked guitar riffage of late. Truth be told I don’t plan on it either. I do own a good part of his recorded output but it’s sitting in storage with a lot of LP’s that I’m too lazy to e bay. The way I figure ... Read More »