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Music Review: Marduk, Wormwood

Marduk continues to amaze listeners with their doomed up black metal. Read More »

Music Review: The Killer and the Star – The Killer and the Star

Cold's frontman finds a new opening to vent the music of his soul. Read More »

Music Review: Xasthur- All Reflections Drained

Xasthur falls even more into obscurity, but there are a few new diamonds to be found in this Rough. Read More »

Music Review: Paradise Lost- Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost take a step into the past to become heavier. Read More »

Music Review: Paradise Lost – Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us

U.K.'s original doomsters bring forth another stellar album. Read More »

Music Review: Septic Flesh – Communion

Watch out Nile, a new Sumerian themed death metal band is rising to power. Read More »

Music Review: Funeral Mist – Maranatha

Worn down by the years, Funeral Mist takes an indecent turn into a sea of hazy blasphemy. Read More »

Music Review: Brown Jenkins – Death Obsession

A take on Brown Jenkins' third and final opus. Read More »