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charter schools

Charter schools are publicly funded schools that have a "charter" or contract with the school district to meet certain performance requirements, but they are intentionally designed to operate independent of the school district. The idea is to provide a publicly funded alternative to traditional education in "government schools." There's lots of information on the web, as charter schools are part ... Read More »

minimum wage

The concept of a minimum wage stirs quite a bit of debate across the web. There are blogs and websites like The Minimum Wage who support the idea of a minimum wage and would like to see a "stronger federal minimum wage." The idea being that people need to be paid a reasonable amount for their labor. There are also ... Read More »

raising chickens

There is no shortage of websites helping provide advice to those of us interested in raising chickens. Whether you need general advice about raising chickens, specific advice about chicken breeds, or you just a general interest in egg laying chickens, there is a website out there ready to help with advice, recommendations and loads of experience. Chickens are perhaps one ... Read More »

gun rights

The issue of gun rights is discussed on numerous websites and blogs like National Gun Rights and Gun Rights Advocates, to name but a few. The focus of the discussion is countering gun control advocates in order to preserve the right to keep and bear arms. The message is generally the same – it's not about guns so much as ... Read More »


Many believe that being frugal is fashionable in tough economic times. To be sure, the topic gets a lot of coverage in the media, and on blogs. Nevertheless, the idea of being frugal is a way of life for many that know the value of money. If you’re a frugal traveler, you’ll be looking for cheap flights and cheap hotels ... Read More »


If you're a child of The Great Depression, frugality is a lifestyle that you're familiar with, but the popularity of blogs like The Frugal Girl and Divorceddadfrugaldad are punctuating the idea that frugality is a wise approach to life that's here to stay. These blogs also show us clearly that frugal living isn't necessarily devoid of quality nor abundance. Many ... Read More »

keep and bear arms

The web is ablaze with discussion and opinions about people in America who keep and bear arms – guns in particular. Individuals like Neal Knox are in favor of gun rights, and organizations like the Brady Campaign are in favor or gun control. Irrespective of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in D.C. vs Heller, there will continue to be discussion ... Read More »


Being a Libertarian is a curious thing. It's the up and coming party in the world of politics, yet many people misunderstand the political philosophy. These misunderstandings aren't due to a lack of activity on the net, as The Humble Libertarian offers us the top 100 libertarian blogs and websites as a reference. Websites like CATO are large and popular ... Read More »


The Internet has long been a playground for politics, and libertarianism is a growing area of interest in that playground. Websites like Libertarian Logic and CATO provide discussion of a range of topics in the political arena, all from the standpoint of libertarianism. From a general perspective, libertarianism is a philosophy that is well aligned with the principles that founded ... Read More »