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Formerly known as The Masked Movie Snobs, the gang has unmasked, reformed as Cinema Sentries, and added to their ranks as they continue to deliver quality movie and entertainment coverage on the Internet.

Music Review: Albert Collins – Live At Montreux 1992 (CD/DVD)

“This ain’t nothin’ but the blues.” Read More »

DVD Review: Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium

A fun place to visit and a fairly heartwarming tale, but it’s a minor work with little lasting appeal. Read More »

Movie Review: A Walk to Beautiful

An enthralling triumph of the human spirit. Read More »

DVD Review: 101 Dalmatians (1961) (Two-Disc Platinum Edition)

101 Dalmatians is Disney at its best. Read More »

DVD Review: The Royal Tramp Collection

I’m sure true kung-fu fans will adore this two-disc set even more than I did. Read More »

DVD Review: Nightmare Detective (Unrated)

Nightmare Detective says a lot behind the blood. Read More »

DVD Review: Into The Wild

Deserves a spot on everyone's “to watch” list. Read More »

DVD Review: Death at a Funeral

What is surprising is just how little comedy is generated by this film’s stilted and transparent story. Read More »

DVD Review: Batman & Mr. Freeze – SubZero / Batman – Mask of the Phantasm

This double feature is a must-own in any Batman fan’s collection. Read More »

DVD Review: Awake

The movie takes itself way to seriously in its attempts to be some sort of in-depth character study and ends up becoming laughable. Read More »