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Formerly known as The Masked Movie Snobs, the gang has unmasked, reformed as Cinema Sentries, and added to their ranks as they continue to deliver quality movie and entertainment coverage on the Internet.

DVD Review: DC Super Heroes: The Filmation Adventures

Not to be watched without a huge bowl of cereal. Read More »

DVD Review: Smart People

Smart People shows the common stupidity of life and sometimes it’s just nice that simple films can provide a simple message. Read More »

DVD Review: Twenty-Four Eyes (The Criterion Collection)

Thanks to this sparkling new Criterion DVD release, US audiences finally have the opportunity to discover this hidden gem. Read More »

DVD Review: Dexter – The Complete Second Season

I love Dexter, but I could kill the guys from Showtime. Read More »

Music Review: Scars On Broadway – Scars On Broadway

Scars On Broadway expands and grows in many ways from seeds planted by System. Read More »

Music Review: Hercules and Love Affair – Hercules and Love Affair

This album triumphs as a travelogue from disco’s lesser-known past. Read More »

DVD Review: Little Einsteins – Flight of the Instrument Fairies

It live up to its Einstein label with some surprisingly educational subject matter. Read More »

DVD Review: Brand Upon The Brain! (The Criterion Collection)

If you enter Guy Maddin's world, embrace it. Read More »

DVD Review: Muhammad Ali – Made in Miami

A look at the champion's formative years in the magic city. Read More »

DVD Review: High Times Presents: The 20th Anniversary Cannabis Cup

A little insight to what we as stoners call our “Oscars.” Read More »