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hotel california

The song “Hotel California” and the album of the same name by the Eagles is one of the most classic in rock history. The song was recorded in 1977 and later on that year, “Hotel California” won the Grammy Award for Record of the Year. It is not only one of the most popular songs by the Eagles, it is ... Read More »


JRE in technology refers to the Java Runtime Environment which is a set of tools that are needed to execute Java programs on computer systems. The Java Runtime Environment is often referred to as Java or JRE. It is available for all popular operating systems including Microsoft Windows, various Linux distributions and Apple Macintosh OSX. The easiest way to install ... Read More »

recycle bin

The recycle bin is a virtual folder found in most operating systems that is used to store deleted files for some time before they are completely deleted from the system. It can be seen as a recovery folder to recover files and folders that have been accidentally deleted by a computer users. Most operating systems provide the means to bypass ... Read More »

desktop wallpaper

A desktop wallpaper is a background image for a computer desktop. All modern operation systems come with personalization options. One of these options is to select a photo from the local computer system and make it the background image of the system. This photo is then shown on the desktop at all times. Programs are available to shuffle through a ... Read More »


Folder can mean different things like a file folder, computing folder or folding machine. Folders in computing are also known as directories. They are containers where groups of files and other folders can be stored in. Modern computer systems use authorization and rights to limit access to folders and the data that they contain. This is for instance indicated by ... Read More »


Desktop refers to the surface of a desk. It is also used by computer users to describe the “surface” of their operating system once it has loaded completely. It is then usually referred to as Windows desktop or Linux desktop depending on the operating system used. Files and links can be placed on the desktop represented by icons that users ... Read More »


A computer icon is a minute pictogram which is commonly found on computer desktops of operating systems such as Windows or Linux. This icon has an average size of 16×16 pixels that can reach up to 128×128 pixels, although there are also some OS or operating systems that have 512×512 pixels. These icons can be re-sized to an individual’s specifications. ... Read More »


An addon, or add-on, is a small program that extends the functionality of an existing program. Popular addon examples are Firefox add-ons and Google Chrome extensions. Addons are on the other hand not limited to web browsers. Add-ons exist for image editors like Adobe Photoshop or Paint.net, Office programs like Microsoft Office or media players like Windows Media Player. Addons ... Read More »


Extensions, often also referred to add-ons, are little programs that add to the functionality of an application. They are best known in the web browser world where they are referred to as Firefox add-ons and Google Chrome extensions. Firefox and Google Chrome are the two browsers with the widest available range of extensions. Opera uses a slightly different approach with ... Read More »