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Dems Like Howard Dean Just Don’t Get It

Why are the people of America angry and frustrated? Read More »

For Orphans in Haiti, Cut the Damn Red Tape Already

The “letter” vs. the “spirit” of the law; the Haitian orphan crisis deserves the latter. Read More »

Haiti’s Catastrophic Earthquake: “Where’s God?”

When natural disasters cause so much death, destruction, and devastation, we ask why. Read More »

Governor Schwarzenegger Slams ObamaCare

California's governor sees the light and in his final address, speaks up against ObamaCare's “health care to nowhere.” Read More »

A Mother’s Concern Over Homeland Security

The aftermath of the Christmas Day, Flight 253 attempted terrorist attack hits home. Read More »

New Year’s Resolution: Weight Loss Again in 2010?

Success begins with a reality check, followed by goal setting and the design and execution of a comprehensive strategy. Read More »

Just in Case You Missed Church This Christmas 2009

Candles illuminate what is most important during Christmastime; the birth of Jesus and family and friends. Read More »

Barack Obama: “Absolutely, We Need Earmark Reform”

Business as usual in Washington: So much for "Hope and Change", just control and more debt. Read More »

Senator Barbara Boxer Compares Abortion to Viagra

Drivel and arrogance intact, Boxer is up for re-election here in 2010. It's time to run Boxer right out of office. Read More »

Christmas is Coming: Are You Getting Fat?

The "goose" and people around you may be getting plumper this holiday season, but you don’t have to! Read More »