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Musings on Crypt Magazine, Goth and the Grand Guignol

It was just a matter of time before some eccentric entrepreneur came up with the idea of a Goth magazine. Editor-In-Grief, David Necro has done just that with his Crypt Magazine creation. Introduced to the masses this month, the magazine of “sex, horror and rock & roll” has only seen the light of the Internet, but a few hard copies ... Read More »


Before viewing last year's little sleaze-fest Wonderland, be prepared to wallow in a Hollywood-created world of drug addiction, bad hair, crappy clothes and blood-splattered walls. Read More »

Spike Lee and 25th Hour

Most of Spike Lee's work, well hell, all of it, has dealt with the lives of black men and women in America. So it came as a surprise when he decided to make 25th Hour. Read More »