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Matchstick Men

I am not a Nicholas Cage fan by any stretch of the imagination. His worthwhile works, in my opinion, barely make up a handful of films: Raising Arizona, Leaving Las Vegas, (I’ve yet to see Family Man or Adaptation) and now Matchstick Men. Cage seems to be in his element as Roy Waller, an agoraphobic, obsessive-compulsive and chain-smoking confidence man. ... Read More »

RIAA Sues Student

The RIAA settled out of court for a measly $12K. Read More »

The Watchtower

A collective blog self described as “Bloggers monitoring homeland security after the Patriot Act” is taking shape over at The Watchtower.  It is designed to be a one stop resource for news and discussion about the Patriot Act, and all that it entails – including:  surveillance, internet privacy, and the much debated RIAA.  Bloggers on board include the Armchair Analyst, ... Read More »

Those Funky Cadavers

Say you, Say me. Say . . . it's Rob Zombie! Read More »

Legendary Parody

The infamous 80's live on. Read More »

3 out of 17 isn’t bad.

Move along. There's nothing to see here. Read More »

Eternal Fire: Still Smokin’

The Chronic Twins are at it again, and this time its a family affair. Read More »


A revisiting. Read More »

A Curriculum for Thinking

Dever recently offered this clue . Read More »

A Smashing No Show

Buckets -n- Roses? Roses -n- Riots? Read More »