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Municipal Waste – Hazardous Mutation

With bands like Cryptic Slaughter and Wehrmacht broken up, D.R.I. seemingly only interested in touring, and Corrosion of Conformity finding more satisfaction as a Molly Hatchet tribute band, America could use a band to pick up the fallen bandana of crossover metal. But who will step up to the challenge of recreating the glory days? Can any band skateboard into ... Read More »

Nuclear Assault – Third World Genocide

Although normally I would view reunion albums with some skepticism, the 80s thrash metal revival has yielded some pretty impressive albums. Exodus’ Tempo of the Damned was one of the finest works of their career. Destruction’s various releases over the past few years have pretty managed to make everyone forget about the sonic abortion that was Cracked Brain. Death Angel’s ... Read More »

Dissection unleashes new music

The new Dissection album isn’t done yet, but the band’s web page is hosting rough mixes of two new songs “Starless Aeon” and “Xeper I Set”. You can download them here and here These songs are the first new material from the band since the release of Last year’s single “Maha Kali”. The song was not well received by many ... Read More »

Jada Pinkett Smith added to Ozzfest lineup

Jada Pinkett Smith and her band Wicked Wisdom, described in this MTV News article as a “Christian-leaning rock and soul hybrid” have been added to this year’s second stage line-up. Metal fans will no doubt be delighted to learn that the band was the opening act for Britney Spears’ 2004 European tour. I’m sure bands like Mastodon and The Haunted ... Read More »

Ted Nugent – Live at the Trocadeo

If Ted Nugent and I ever met, I’m sure our conversation would consist of long, awkward pauses, much clearing of the throat, some uncomfortable silence, and maybe a few mumbled words about his music. On my part that is. Ted Nugent would no doubt spend the whole time whooping and hollering before shooting me and then hauling my carcass off ... Read More »

Therion to tour United States

After 16 years and a plethora of albums, the Swedish symphonic metal band Therion is finally doing a U.S. tour. No word on how many additional musicians they’re bringing with them aside from the four core members, but their shows are sure to be a treat. The band has the confirmed dates up on their web page. Read More »

Slayer – Still Reigning

Slayer is one the world’s most popular and influential heavy metal bands, so it’s a little surprising that their home video material has been so unimpressive. 1995’s concert video Live Intrusion showcased a lackluster performance, and 2003’s War at the Warfield was similarly underwhelming. If you’ve ever seen Slayer in concert, you know that when the band is firing on ... Read More »

Exhumed – Platters of Splatter

Exhumed is one of my favorite death metal bands, and I don’t just say that because one of the band members vomits on stage during live performances. Exhumed is not some wimpy Gothenberg band, awash in clean vocals, keyboards, and a shimmering Bon Jovi-like production in a play for mainstream acceptance. Instead, the band delivers up raw, brutal death metal ... Read More »