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The word “tsunami” comes from two Japanese signs: “tsu” meaning harbor, and “nami” meaning wave, and describes a natural disaster in form of rogue waves, carrying enormous volumes of water. Most often the result of a submarine earthquake or volcano eruption, some tsunamis are known to travel at more than 500mph, although they usually slow down to around 50mph when ... Read More »


Foursquare is a mobile, geolocation enabled social network, that allows users to locate their friends, as well as check-in to nearby locations, in order to earn points and badges. Frequent check-ins at the same venue can award the “Mayor” status, sometimes tied to additional discounts or promotions. Shortly after launch, Foursquare was embraced both by the general public, and by ... Read More »


A preview usually refers to a preliminary showing of a movie, music album, game or application, but can also mean an early commentary on the up-coming product. Preview, as opposed to review, concentrates mostly on first impressions and is often based on incomplete data, for example a beta version of the software. In movie business, previews are frequently used to ... Read More »

angry birds

It’s not only a video game – it’s THE video game. Developed by Finnish company Rovio Mobile, Angry Birds quickly became a runaway hit, due to addictive game play and the low price of $0.99. The game is currently one of the top selling video games and mobile apps in history, as well as an all-time App Store bestseller. It ... Read More »


VOD, short for Video On Demand, is a service that allows user to stream a video from a remote server when he asks for it, whether it’s free or charged on pay-per-view basis. VOD is most often provided by cable and telecom companies. It is also frequently a part of in-flight entertainment systems. Online VOD services became very popular in ... Read More »


AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, the software or hardware imitation of intellect and consciousness. The term also describes a branch of science that explores the connection between cybernetics, neurology, psychology and information theory, in order to replicate the process of thought. The purpose of Artificial Intelligence research is to imbue robots or software programs with human-like thinking abilities, and to ... Read More »