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Amy Seimetz Cast as Chris O’Dowd’s Love Interest in HBO’s Family Tree

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Primer Director Shane Carruth Joins Forces with Amy Seimetz

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2012 Sundance Predictions: Tomer Almagor’s 9 Full Moons

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Sexism On The Set of Desperate Housewives?

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Cher Shocked By How Good Christina Aguilera Is In Burlesque

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Can Men See Pretty Women As Funny?

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Christina Aguilera Gears Up To Release New Album

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Tongues Untied: A Decade Later

How has internalized homophobia and racism progressed since Tongues Untied? Read More »

Why Solange Is Better Than Beyonce

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Desperate Housewives Returns With A Vengeance

What's to come in the fifth season of ABC's satirical suburban dramedy? The writers give the scoop on how the five year flash-forward wipes the slate clean. Read More »