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Spoilers are plot points in a popular entertainment the advance knowledge of which will diminish or “spoil” a first viewing. In the 1950s, movies such as Diabolique sometimes included a screen after the closing credits asking the audience not to reveal the ending to others. There was no word for it at that time, it was merely a dash of ... Read More »


A protest is an action intended to publicly demonstrate dissent and/or to call attention to opposition of something, usually a powerful entity such as a government, corporation, or some action or policy of one of those entities. The public action may be violent or non-violent, organized or spontaneous, theatrical and symbolic in nature or a simple, silent assembly in some ... Read More »

Quiet, or Mama Spank

A few words for Anne Hathaway, Christopher Nolan and the cast of The Dark Knight Rises Read More »


Costumes are any assortment of apparel to present another persona or to assume the identity of another. Costumes can be worn as part of an entertainment, to aid the illusion of an actor playing a role on stage or in a movie, or it may be an act of personal expression, as at Halloween, costume parties, or costumed roleplay (Cosplay). ... Read More »

box office

The term box office refers to both the part of a theater which sells tickets and the receipts made from ticket sales. Before modern computerized ticketing, box office ticketing for live theaters was a physical operation. The box office was entrusted with a number of printed tickets corresponding to the number of seats per performance. After the show they would ... Read More »

fashion news

Fashion news can encompass everything from the actual apparel to celebrity gossip about designers and models, what stylists dress what celebrities, and the all important “Who are you wearing” asked of those celebrities on the red carpets of award shows and movie premieres. It may include developments on reality shows related to clothing and design, such as Project Runway and ... Read More »


Pixar is an American movie studio begun in 1979 as the Graphics Group, part of the Computer Division of Lucasfilm. It pioneered computer animation and feature length computer animated movies for a mainstream audience created with PhotoRealistic RenderMan, the industry-standard image-rendering application programming interface used to generate high-quality images. Pixar has produced twelve feature films, beginning with Toy Story in ... Read More »