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The Internet Movie Database, otherwise known as IMDb, began offline sometime before October 17, 1990 with film aficionados who were passionate about movie information. They collected lists of information in a Usenet group which subsequently became a navigable directory. Known worldwide as imdb.com, the site officially launched in September, 1993 and has been growing exponentially ever since. IMDb offers TV and film trivia, historical information, links, ratings, personality ... Read More »


Plural of celebrity, previously defined as someone who has achieved a notable level of celebrated fame. Celebrities come in all shapes and sizes, from the obscure Internet variety to full-blown Hollywood icon. Generally, one thinks of actors when contemplating the term, although celebrities can just as easily include politicians, comedians, artists, singers, authors, journalists, talk show hosts, and athletes. Notable examples ... Read More »


Defined in Webster's Dictionary as the art or science of government, or concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policy or winning and holding control over a government. Politics can also describe the art of guidance and influence outside the realm of government, such as office politics, industry politics or social politics. A good rule of thumb for making friends and influencing people ... Read More »

blog widgets

Also known as gadgets, badges, plug-ins, snippets, and modules, blog widgets are an embeddable portion of code for blogging platforms that can enhance functionality and usability by encouraging readers to stay longer and return for updated content. Once the code is successfully embedded, widgets help retain reader interest by providing fresh site content automatically. Programming knowledge is not required. Generally, ... Read More »

saman ronson

Shorthand for popular club DJ and prominent party mixer Samantha Ronson who was born on August 7, 1977 in London, England and raised in New York, NY. Ronson is a self-taught musician whose first DJ performance happened largely by chance when one of her club hangouts offered to pay for a night of record spinning. From there, subbing for older ... Read More »