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Interview with Sarah Renée, Author of the Saderia Series

The Tiger Princess Cover 1

"It was a love of my story that made me decide to become a writer!" Read More »

Interview with Larry Brill, Author of ‘The Patterer’

patterer coverBlue

Ever wonder about those "winners" of the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest? Read More »

Interview with Beverly Stowe McClure, Author of ‘A Pirate, a Blockade Runner, and a Cat’


"A broken home, though sad and frightening, is not the end. New beginnings, new friends, and facing the truth will help a person survive." Read More »

Interview with Salvatore “Sal” Barbera, Author of Mary Elizabeth The Spotless Cow


"Have you ever wondered what your pet dreams about?" Read More »

Interview with Joe Sergi, Author of ‘Sky Girl and the Superheroic Adventures’


"My intention was to have Sky Girl represent a strong female character who always tries to do the right thing." Read More »

Interview with Tim and Debbie Bishop, Authors of ‘Two Are Better’


"Instead of the becoming 'the beginning of the end,' midlife can give birth to a new and exciting chapter in one’s life." Read More »

Interview with Gary L. Doman, Author of ‘Vinland Viking: An Original Saga’

Vinland Viking cover art.jpg

" I consider the most important event in my life to be my acquisition of Christian faith." Read More »

Interview with T.J. MacLeslie, Author of ‘Designed for Relationship’

Designed for Relationship cover

"We were purposefully designed to relate -- to relate to God, to each other, and the universe." Read More »

Interview: Lou Poumakis, Author of Faith on Earth?

Faith On Earth cover

"Faith on Earth? addresses the decline in Christian influence in the West over the last two centuries." Read More »

Interview: Michael Bigham, Author of Harkness

Interview with debut mystery author, Michael Bigham. Read More »