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Author Archives: Cheryl C. Malandrinos

Interview: Gary Rodriguez, Author of ‘Escape Through The Wilderness’

Gary Rodriguez

"The book was written to challenge young readers with the reality that they will face trials and tribulations of all sorts along life's journey." Read More »

Interview: Amber Neben, Author of ‘When Shmack Happens’

When Shmack Happens cover

"We need to remember that we are refined in the fires of life and rarely does growth come without struggle or stress." Read More »

Interview: K. Madill, Author of ‘Mandamus and Luco – The Stolen Herd’

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00068]

I think I was bitten by the storytelling bug after reading Maurice Sendak’s 'Where the Wild Things Are.' A forest growing in my room, a private boat followed by a wild rumpus? Yes please! Read More »

Interview: Jermaine Gadson, Author of ‘Tactics, Trends, & Traits of the Enemy’

Tactics, Trends and Traits of the Enemy Cover

"People are being destroyed because they don't recognize when they are under spiritual attack." Read More »

Interview: Ken Malovos, Author of ‘Contempt of Court’

Ken Malovos photo

"I hope that readers will have a new appreciation for how hard trial lawyers work every day." Read More »

Interview: RL Keller, Author of ‘Man’s Rejection of God’

Rich Keller

"In the end I call all Christians to take a hard look at themselves in the mirror to determine how much like Jesus they really are." Read More »

Interview: P. Christina Greenaway, Author of ‘Written in Ruberah’

Written in Ruberah  Cover

"It’s easy to be critical of yourself, after all, who knows better than you just how much of a better person you ought to be, could be." Read More »

Interview: Phillip L. Davidson, Author of ‘Dreamer’

Dreamer cover

"I hope that people of God will see God’s will and men’s faith through a different prism, that of warriors." Read More »

Interview with Kim Hilton, Author of ‘Closet Words’

Kim Hilton photo

"God has helped me with words for teaching and writing that can be encouraging to other people." Read More »

Interview with Ronald Kirk, Author of ‘Thy Will Be Done’

TWBD larger cover

"A comprehensive rethinking of our faith in historic terms and with strict application to the Scriptures is necessary for revival." Read More »